When you know more than the local video store clerk

19 Apr

…it means you have a problem. You know who works at the local video store? Junkies. Hardcore media junkies who know the difference between Ewoks and Gremlins. Okay, I’m kidding. Everybody knows the difference between those. But I’m talking about the local Korean video store ajumma, who’s seen every drama there is since there was TV, and can tell you every drama that anyone has ever been in, including when a drama starts to go bad: “Watch til Episode 24, then skip to the end!”

She’s usually a font of knowledge, but her overall taste is not to be trusted, since she’s a portal of all media. And thus when you ask her if something is good, (or rather, in the Korean, if something is “entertaining/fun”) the answer is always “Yes.” Without fail. So I’ve learned to take her opinions with a grain of salt.

But then I came across the first ever instance when my question to the video store ajumma was met with a quizzical face.

Backstory: In one of the recent 1N2D recaps, javabeans brought back an oldie but a goodie, 1994’s The Last Match [마지막 승부]. And then she was like, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we recapped THAT?”

Damnit. Why do you have to come up with good ideas? Now I’m OBSESSED with the idea of finding that sucker and figuring out some crazy way to transfer analog to digital, just so we can collectively squee over 22-year-old Jang Dong-gun and cringe at the cheesiness of it all.

So I went to see the video store ajumma, who knows all things, and was met with: “What? Last what?”

Horror. “Ajumma, 마지막 승부!” I told her the stars and the year, and she was like, our computers don’t go back that far. *facepalm*

And then I proceeded to explain the entire plot, most of which I confess I did not remember, and then miming basketball to her, (like she wouldn’t know what basketball was), until I finally jogged the recesses of her memory and she was like, “OH! 마지막 승부!” Victory!

Ajumma: “It’s rented out.”


Dear Sir or Madam with extremely good taste in k-dramas,

Please return The Last Match in a timely manner, and without damage to the precious one-copy-only VHS tapes, or I will be forced to take legal action against you for infringing on my momentary happiness.